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Borlotti beans are popular across a wide range of cultures and cuisines because they are an easy to prepare, plant based, cholesterol free, very low fat, and inexpensive source of protein. Borlotti (also called Cranberry or Roman beans) are a pulse, or legume, and are also very rich in fiber.  In fact, just 1 cup (about 177 gm) of cooked borlotti beans yields 18 grams or 77% of the RDA for fiber to complement its 17 grams of clean plant protein power!
Borlotti beans offer more than just a hearty dose of protein and fibre.  The same 1 cup (177 gram) serving of cooked beans also boasts 21% of your daily value (DV) for iron, 20% of copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, and 9% of your DV for calcium All of these minerals are essential for overall health, and often in short supply if you are on a meat-free diet.  Like all beans, borlotti are vegan friendly, and naturally gluten and dairy free.

Rosecoco or Borlotti Beans (1kg Pack )

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