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Majic Razorless Shaving Creams are All-in-one treatment for Razorless hair removal that Conditions, Moisturizes, Heals, Soothes & Stop Bumps. No awful smell normally associated with depilatory products. Contain skin protectors and nourishes for a smooth finish.UNISEX creams that can be used by women for bikini, legs and underarm hair removal. Can be used by anyone who requires a clean hairless body look e.g. Sports men & women, competitive swimmers, competitive body builders.DO NOT use this product with a razor.  Read all caution statements and directions carefully.

Magic Razorless Shaving Cream. For that smooth look.

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If there is a variant of this product not our website or indeed any other product you cant't find, please contact us and we will search with our suppliers. 

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